Tailored lending by Vault Funding. Designed for real estate pros, built for BRRRR Investors.
Tap the Vault.


  • Borrow up to 85% of your purchase and rehab costs. More Leverage than the bank and closing in just 5 days.  Our 85% LTC model is competitive in the market and ready for you!
  • FICO scores as low as 640.   With the ability to fund borrowers with lower scores.
  • Loans closing in 5 days and no appraisal required. I know!  We really do make it happen!  Our competitors routinely take 20+ days to close and require an expensive appraisal that don’t even have good comps!
  • Rates range from 1-3% at closing and 8-12% APR* and are heavily deal centric.
    • Our lowest pricing is available for borrowers with higher credit scores, heavy investment experience and cash for down payments, but we offer flexible programs designed to make more deals work with rates that reflect the terms. Other lenders just say “no.”


  • Easy and fast draw requests to keep your renovation timeline on track.
  • Turn it quick and save on interest!


  • You do not need to have your tenant in place to start your refinance.
  • Debt service coverage ratios (DSCR) as low as 0.75. You decide if the deal makes sense to park money for some time or capitalize on appreciation in the coming years.


  • No seasoning period required. We can start your refinance the day you finish the rehab. Most lenders will require that you wait six months.
  • Our loans have options for competitive interest only payments or fully-amortized 30 year loans. Maximize the cash flow from your rentals as you see fit.
  • No Income Verification and credit scores as low as 620. We don’t care how much you told Uncle Sam you made last year, our underwriting is based on the asset. How would that go over with your banker?


  • Our team can turn a full BRRRR transaction in as little as 45 days (purchase and refinance), that’s eight properties per year that you can add to your portfolio vs. only two with a lender requiring six months’ of seasoning.
  • This is not bank financing. Commercial loans do not appear on your credit report or affect your personal debt to income ratio, meaning you can have an unlimited number of rental property loans.

*All loans subject to underwriting.  Not all borrowers or properties qualify.

*Rates are dependent on credit score, experience, LTV, loan program, geography, down payment, amount of rehab and the underlying asset.